100% acorn-fed iberian shoulder Maldonado


Its purity guarantees an unmatched product quality. The feeding of these animals is 100% natural, fundamentally acorns, grass, roots, etc. Authentic 100% pure acorn-fed iberian. At the beginning of the “montanera” these animals have an approximate weight of about 70 Kg, and they can reach 170 Kg when montanera ends.

Both, the diet and the fact that they are raised in the wild, raise their concentration in oleic acid significantly over 58%. This high content in oleic acid makes the flavor and aroma of the product irreproachable.

During the montanera period, this animals can eat up to 10 Kg of acorns daily, reaching the end of the period, multiplying up to 2.5 times their weight. Maldonado iberian acorn-fed shoulder are made in an artesanal way.

Approximately weight: 4.5 / 5 Kg.

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Maldonado acorn-fed iberian shoulder is, certainly, one of the maximun references in the iberian products sector in Spain. Maldonado products, reach the highest quality level.

These animals are free range and fed naturally on acorns and roots. These animal are Lampiño breed, and they have not undergone any crossing throughout their genetic history, so they maintain the purity of the breed.


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