Natural Honey & Royal Jelly

Original Spanish natural honey enriched with all the nutrients of authentic royal jelly. Royal Jelly is produced by honey bees to feed the queen bees and their young.

Powerful superfood !

Contains 94% natural honey and 6% royal jelly. All our efforts aim to ensure that all its natural properties are fully preserved, to allow you to obtain the highest nutritional value of the product. It’s a perfect combination: Honey properties retain fresh royal jelly. Both are two of nature’s healthiest foods. Highly nutritious, energetic and revitalizing. Sweet taste and light floral aroma.

Pet jar of 300 gr.



Marquesita offers a 100% Spanish organic honey enriched with 6% fresh Royal Jelly. Fresh Royal Jelly provides a lot of nutrients, which, together with those that own the honey itself, make it a perfect product for health. It offers an extraordinary contribution of vitality. Its taste is sweet and light with floral aromas.

Freeze-dried Royal Jelly is another version of the product with a much higher concentration than in its natural state.

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