Organic extra virgin olive oil

Marquesita is an extra virgin olive oil from Organic harvest produced in Spain, following the most environmentally friendly techniques. It comes from olives of the Arbequina variety. Its aroma and taste are really different. It has hardly any itching or bitterness, allowing it to add flavor without stealing prominence from food.
It is a small olive, which requires a large number of it to obtain a liter of oil. The collection of olives occurs when they are in “winter”, that is, at the moment when the olive is going from a green to ripe fruit. Picking the olive at this time, allows to obtain an oil with better organoleptic properties and more durable over time.
As it is not an oil with a high degree of itching or bitterness, it gives us the possibility to appreciate its fullness of aromas and nuances. An oil we might call “scented,” in which your fruity ones will fill our foods with flavor.

250 ml glass bottle + Carft cardboard case.



Marquesita extra virgin olive oil comes from organic cultivation and first cold pressure. It is made with olives of the Arbequina variety. It has very special features. Without a doubt, it is one of the most precious varieties on the market. It is a tremendously balanced oil in all its nuances. Its taste is very sweet and soft. Inlet tones on the palate of tomato, and a persistent aftertaste in ripe banana throat. So, we talk about a delicate, fruity and aromatic oil. Perfect for raw use, on toast, salads, fish, etc.

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