Organic olive oil La Oleoteca Can 500 ml


The blend with which we produce this product, is a mixture of some of the most recognized varieties, such as the picual variety, the archconocida hojiblanca and the aromatic contribution of arbequina. To its right extent, they offer us an oil that, on the one hand, has the perfect body and support, and on the other, it preserves all the fruity nuances of the arbequino. So, this oil, we can rate it as medium intensity, but full of aroma. It is ideal for breakfast on toast, salads and great friend of grilled vegetables or fish.

500 ml can.



Organic extra virgin olive oil of first cold extraction. Oil made with a blend of varieties in the exact quantities to obtain a balanced oil of nuances. The bet of our 500 ml can, consists of a very aromatic oil, with tone of fresh grass and almond. Medium intensity in the mouth, finishing with slightly more bitter and spicy tones. It is an all-terrain oil because, beyond being perfect in crude, as a dressing, it has a good behavior in the kitchen due to its balance.

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