Organic extra virgin olive oil Isul 5L


Isul plays in another league. It is an extra virgin olive oil, really exceptional. It has a highly fruity aroma and taste. Of course, it is a cold first pressure oil, and of course, it comes from organic cultivation.

The olives with which Isul is made, have been collected in winter, when they begin to change their color, and are at a point of maturation that results in an oil of irreproachable conditions. The variety, arbequina, characteristic of the area, which treated with the right affection, guarantees an incomparable amplitude of fruity flavors.

Other characteristics that give it its own personality is its decanting system. Under normal conditions, Isul is an unfiltered oil, but with a clean appearance and free of grounds. It is subjected to a natural decanting process that allows not to need subsequent filtering.

Isul begins the process of making olive oil, just a few hours after collecting the olives from the tree. This point is the one that allows the oil to have a higher quality, much more freshness and body, and something that seems more fashionable every day: that has a very low acidity. As a rule, this oil is always below 0.1o acidity (at the beginning of the campaign), sometimes it is packaged with only 0.08o acidity. Quite a challenge.

5-liters can.



Extra virgin olive oil arbequina variety.

Isul is one of the most prestigious natural organic oils in La Rioja. La Rioja is characterized, especially, by an olive of Arbequina variety of exceptional nuances. The altitude, the composition of its land and its climatology, favor these special characteristics.

Isul, presents in the nose an intense tomato aroma, very characteristic, as well as its entry into the mouth brings us those same memories of tomato. It lacks itching and bitterness, and at the end, presents its ripe banana tones in the throat, as well as persistent. In addition to exquisite palates, Isul falls in love with the little ones in the house for its softness and scarcity of itching.

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