Organic extra virgin olive oil Isul 500 ml

First cold extraction oil, made with the best oils of the Arbequina variety and collected when they are at the moment of conversion between fruit see and ripe fruit; what is known as “envero”. At that moment of maturation, the oil has perfect properties.

Isul is an oil of a very characteristic flavor, because of the variety of olives from which it is extracted, as well as because of the favorable weather conditions of La Rioja, from where it originates. Climate or altitude are determining factors in the fruit’s development and, fortunately, Isul benefits from it.

It has an extraordinarily soft and sweet taste, where ripe tones predominate, especially tomato tones. Both on the nose and in the mouth, the aroma of tomato has all the prominence. Afterwards, it presents a throat aftertaste to ripe banana, which makes it an oil, which we could almost catalog of juice.

500 ml glass bottle.



Isul organic oil comes in branch. This means that the oil has not gone through any filtration process. We understand that in this way, the product retains all its properties, which we do not forget, are very beneficial for health.

To achieve a high quality oil, Isul remains decanting in tanks with an inert atmosphere until the right time of packaging. In this way, we obtain an oil without perch but without having undergone any filtering process.

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