Extra virgin olive oil with white truffle


First cold pressed olive oil Our best olive oil with an absolutely balanced and elegant taste. Full of elicate flavors and slightly bitter. The perfect ally in your kitchen.
White truffle have a very special and aromatic taste. Mixed with the right olive oil, offers you an unmistakable and consistent flavor. Made with the best natural flavor of white truffle.

The olive oil with white truffle it is used daily by the best chefs in the world. It is perfect with meat, eggs, cheese, pasta, dressings, salads, etc.

Try it with roast chicken or mushroom risottos and you will discover a different way to enjoy your culinary creations.

100 ml glass bottle + Case.

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Extra virgin olive oil from Arbequina variety, flavored with white truffles. Its flavor is elegant and soft thanks to the olive oil based. It is a perfect dressing for meat games, eggs, pasta, rissoto, etc Without a doubt, it is a great ally in your kitchen, which will help enhance the flavot of your dishes.


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