100% pure Iberian ham by Maldonado


Taste of the pure Iberian ham by Maldonado is incomparable. This is due to several factors: The breed of animals is pure, without any previous crosses in their entire lineage. They are animals of the Breed Lampiño and are raised naturally, in the wild, and are fed exclusively of acorns and some herbs and roots.

This breed of animals run free in the pasture, which is why they present it with an amount of oleic acid in their muscle masses around 58%, main culprit of its texture and taste. These hams are handcrafted, remaining for three years in natural dryers, and treated with a significantly less salt amount than the commonly used.

During the Montanera period, when animals feed on mature tree-falling acorns, they are able to eat up to 10 kg of acorns daily. By the end of this period, his weight has been able to increase by up to more than 2.5 times.

Approximate weight: 7 / 7.5 Kg.

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Maldonado is undoubtedly one of the most important references in the Iberian product sector in Spain. Its products reach the highest level of quality.

Their animals are raised in freedom and fed naturally, through acorns, herbs and roots. They belong to the Lampiño breed, and have not suffered any crossovers throughout their genetic history, so they maintain the purity of the breed.

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