Pure Iberian salchichon by Maldonado


Maldonado Iberian sausage is a 100% Iberian pure acorn product. It is made with lean chopped and cobbled with paprika. It comes from pigs of the breed Lampiño, raised in the wild and fed only from acorns, herbs and roots.

Like Maldonado chorizo, the product is made with lean chopped from the animal’s headboard, funneled into natural guts and then left to dry naturally for a period of between 90 and 120 days until they reach the appropriate curing level.

It is a product without glutes, without lactose and without dyes.

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Maldonado is undoubtedly one of the most important references in the Iberian product sector in Spain. Its products reach the highest level of quality.

Their animals are raised in freedom and fed naturally, through acorns, herbs and roots. They belong to the Lampiño breed, and have not suffered any crossovers throughout their genetic history, so they maintain the purity of the breed.

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