Salt with Black Truffle

Natural sea salt keeps all trace elements intact, providing a richer and more complex flavor than common table salt and contains no artifical additives. Natural sea salt is the queen of salts. It is rich in vital minerals, pure and healthy.
Black truffle has an aromatic and very special taste.
It is native to Spain and its aroma and flavor are unmistakable, slightly more intense than that of white truffle. This product has been created to enhance and improve the flavors of food.

It is perfect for dressing meats and fish, but not only for them, as it combines perfectly with many other foods.

Use it instead of the coarse salt, in as many meals as you want. The flavor becomes more intense and exciting. Better uncooked to preserve all its properties and flavor.

100 gr glass jar.

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Salt with black Truffle Marquesite is a natural sea salt enriched with 3% natural black truffle. Sea salt keeps its trace elements intact, offering a richer and more complex flavor than regular salt. It is richer in vital minerals. In addition, the high percentage in black truffle, gives it an exceptional flavor that will enrich the flavor of your dishes.

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