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Jijona’s artisan turron


The most popular and genuine nougat in Alicante. Made with 66% whole almonds and 12% honey. This artisan nougat from Alicante, retains all the flavor and aroma of a centuries-old tradition. One of the secrets in the elaboration of a nougat is the selection of raw materials. Our nougat is made using 100% of the raw materials of Spanish origin. Both almonds and Spanish honey used, will offer you the most authentic and genuine nougat flavor, the one of a lifetime. Gluten-free product

Case with tablet of 150 gr or 200 gr.

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Authentic and genuine nougat from Alicante. Made with 66% national almonds and 12% honey, also Spanish origin. The origin of the materials and the elaboration in a handcrafted way, give an absolutely differential flavor with the conventional nougats. Authentic taste of centuries-old tradition. This is a gluten free product.

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4 reviews for Jijona’s artisan turron

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