Lakasa Rte, Madrid

From the beginning, back in late 2012, everything that surrounded this magnificent project had visions of becoming is something different and radiant, something full of freshness and with an unmistakable and promising aroma of triumph. An idea full of illusion, evident for those who undertake a new project, but with enough human resources and tenacity to carry it out decisively until its last consequences.

That’s how Lakasa gets up. A resounding proposal for what we know as Restaurant 2.0, a business model with an undisputed presence on social networks, where every day flows generously all the information related to what is “cooked” there.

Only a year had to pass, for Metropolis magazine to award him the award that highlighted him as Restuarante Revelation of the Year.

At the controls, we find the soul-manager of the idea; one of the most fashionable chefs of recent years in our gastronomic scene, the Madrid César Martín. A guy full of virtues and knowledge, with an important baggage behind him despite his youth. There are already many places where Caesar put his seal, and without a doubt, the same from which he knew how to take all that would serve him to rise as the great chef he is today. Illustrious names of all known as Maple, The Abacería de la Villa, Balzac, La Paninoteca, have been forging their commendable trajectory.

In a personal capacity, I want to stand out, far beyond his art in the stoves, the great person who hides behind his name. A big guy where there are, clear of ideas and with an enviable business vision. A close person who attracts an illusion to everyone around him.

Alongside him, his wife, Marina Luanay, the culprit, among many other things, that every person who walks through his doors, is at home. Behind the phone or receiving the customer on arrival, Marina knows like few others, to transmit the closeness and joy necessary so that you always feel comfortable.

Not far away you find Marco. Marco Masolini, needless to say where it comes from, is the perfect sommelier for this place. Right properly, professional until saying enough, but a “character” as there qualify him, who in addition to his love and knowledge of good wine, distributes humor and joy where he moves.

Special mention for our dear Riki F. Callejo. We can blame Riki for many things, but above all, for being a “geek” of social media and communication. Journalist turned cook, a mix, perhaps as surprising as necessary in Lakasa. You usually find him with his hands on the keyboard, posting, tweeting, taking pictures of plates, …. We have no doubt that Lakasa’s spectacular journey throughout the network is the result of the knowledge and teson that Riki puts on every day. But look, this guy you have to see him in the kitchen….

Adolfo Santos, the phenomenon. Another great chef that you have to write in your agendas. In its journey we can highlight El Chamfer, or the Ristorante dal Pescatore” in Mantova (Italy), although its great jump came from the hand of Escar Velasco, in Sant Celoni, and La Cesta de Recoletos.

What he cannot hide is that he was born and lived in El Barco de Avila, so you can imagine what comes out of his hands when he rolls up. If anyone doubts it, do not fail to try their “Potatoes Revolconas” that say good languages, which is also a recipe that his grandmother moved to him; and when grandmothers cook, we take off our hats.

The rest of the team, so I never finish talking, and talking well. We do not want and should not forget any of them, so from here, our honorable mention also for Sara Seco, Vanesa Muñoz, Abél Méndez and Jenelyn García. They all make sense of a place where, as you say in your slogan, it’s the place where you want to go back…..

Lakasa’s kitchen is a large market kitchen, with great gifts of creativity and freshness. It worships high-quality products and works with care and care. Among your options, the possibility to choose between full rations or half portions.

We, from, are not proud to be part of their suppliers, but even more so to be able to count on all of them among our friends.


We ask you to give us the possibility to publish here a recipe with the wedge of the house, and not only did they provide it for all of us, but we also have a video where you can follow step by step the elaboration of it. Thus, courtesy of Lakasa, we present his “Mollejas con Revolconas”.


• Ingredients for four people:
For the stirrcons potatoes:
1 garlic clove
1/2 dl. Extra virgin olive oil
6 medium Galician potatoes
1/2 pity spoon (80% sweet, 20% spicy)
1 Laurel Leaf
1/2 Onion
Salt and pepper
200 gr. fresh mushrooms
4 dcl. background of meat
200 gr. Fresh Iberian jowl
560 gr. gizzards from the heart of the veal

• Preparation:
From the stirrcons potatoes:
Peel the pre-chopped potatoes and cook in plenty of salt water to which we add a bay leaf and half an onion, cut into fine julienne.
Place the gizzards in cold water with ice for purification for 1 hour. Then bleach them from cold water, cool them and peel them to remove the part of the meat. Chop them up.
Once the potato is cooked, remove it from the water and crush it with a stick spoon to obtain a stumbling puree texture.
Peel the garlic; cut into thin slices and saute in a frying pan with oil until golden. At that time, add the paprika and carefully rehome it; to prevent it from burning, add a scoop of the water from the potato cooking to the pan.
Add the paprika to the crushed potatoes and mix the set. Set to salt and pepper.
Clean the mushrooms with the essential water; Book.
Fry the gizzards in oil until golden and crisp on the outside and juicy and tender inside.
Cut the jowl into tacos of about 50 grams and grill them.
In a frying pan, join the gizzards, mushrooms, jowl, add the meat bottom and bring the set to the boil to reduce the juices and achieve a glazed effect on the gizzards.
Arrange the gutter on the plate and, when serving, accompany it with a bowl of potato stirrconas.

Of course, all made with our 100% Hojiblanco oil, Marquesita……